Appreciating the Everyday

Friday evening gave me one of those moments when I attended the opening at a gallery featuring an old friend’s photographs.  The images were crisp and clear and exposed perfectly.  Moreover, so many of the photos were familiar places, simple, beautiful scenes others had no doubt passed and dismissed, or more likely, passed and simply ignored. Yet, seen through the right eyes, these everyday scenes made me smile and lowered my blood pressure even as they took my breath away.

This celebration of the everyday was a call to appreciate my own everyday: my husband’s spontaneous laughter, our children’s personal and professional success, the easy company of good friends.  This is the stuff that life is made of, but like the scenes in the matted photos in the gallery, this is often the stuff we take for granted just because we see it every day.

In his professional life, this photographer captures the tragedies of human existence: car wrecks, house fires, death.  But that’s business; the photos in the gallery, those were pure pleasure.  And that someone can be this close to disaster daily and still maintain this incredible eye for beauty, that inspires me.

The lesson?  There’s always a lesson, right? After all, I am a teacher.  So much of life is about what we see.  See it.


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