Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

by Gillian Flynn; 2012, Random House 432 pages; hardcover list $25.00, electronic books available on Amazon for Kindle $12.99 and at Barnes and Noble for NOOK, $12.99

When his wife vanishes, the husband is always the prime suspect.

Nick and Amy should be “celebrating”  (yeah, too bad their relationship is on life support) their fifth anniversay (which if you don’t know, is traditionally gifted in wood), but she goes missing from their Missouri home instead.

I know this book–currently at the top of The New York Times Bestsellers List– earned rave reviews and there are a lot of things I did like about it. For instance, I liked the juxtaposition of opposing viewpoints and the creative way Flynn brings readers into the past and back to the present.  Flynn is a skilled writer; her use of words is something to behold. But I was impatient with the two main characters who struck me as a pair of pathetically needy, self absorbed jerks.  For the first 150 pages, I was just wanted to get on with the story already.  It’s hard to care what happens to characters you haven’t been able to establish a relationship with. Some would say that’s the point; I would say I don’t have time for this, OK?

By the end, though, the suspense in this who done it did win me over, and I was glad I stuck with it–sort of.  Someone wiser than I once gave me his  “100 Hundred Page Rule.”  (I never forgot that, Albert!)  But I wouldn’t put this one on my personal list of must-reads.

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