It Worked for Me….by Colin Powell with Tony Koltz

2012–Harper Collins; available in hardcover ($27.99) and in e-book format (12.99).

Colin Powell.  His name and his presence define leadership with dignity and with integrity.  What about the stops along the way on his journey from the Bronx to the cabinet?

Powell’s wisdom is pretty simple: hard work, respect, honesty, more hard work, more respect, more honesty.  Good advice, even if you never aspire to advise the commander-in-chief.

If you are looking for a revetting plot, skip this one and head directly for Harlan Coban’s newest thriller; this is definitely not a page turner. The book is structured around a series of anecdotes that are interesting and revealing. However, I confess that I didn’t find it particularly well written, though, a common failing among memoirs.

But if you want to know how the son of Jamaican immigrants wound up addressing the United Nations, read on.

In Powell’s stories, there are simple truths and unembarrassed honesty from which we can all learn.  He freely admits he was neither a gifted athlete nor a strong student, yet his work ethic and values led him to personal and professional success.  His experiences validate what most of us know about leadership: it must be constantly earned.

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